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Deborah Blaz, a French teacher at Angola High School in Angola, Indiana, is the author of six best-selling reference books, The Foreign Language Teacher’s Guide to Active Learning;  Teaching Foreign Languages in the Block; A Collection of Performance Tasks and Rubrics: Foreign Languages;  Bringing the Standards for Foreign Language Learning to Life in papers; Differentiated Instruction: A Guide for Foreign Language Teachers, and Differentiated Assessment for Middle and High School Classrooms. She has frequently presented on successful teaching strategies at state, regional and national conferences, universities, and high schools. A recipient of the Project E Excellence in Education award in 2000, she was also named Indiana’s French Teacher of the Year by the Indiana chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French (IAATF) in 1996, and was named to the All-USA Teacher Team, Honorable Mention, by USA Today in 1996.

            Madame Blaz is currently a French teacher at Angola High School in Angola, Indiana, and she may be contacted at Angola High School, 350 S. John McBride Ave, Angola, IN 46703 or by e-mail:

Angelia Ridgway, Director of Secondary Education at University of Indianapolis, has spent her career in teaching in a variety of secondary settings with particular specialty in modern language methods and teacher education. Angelia's specific professional interests include preparing college students, at both the undergraduate and graduate level, to enter the field of secondary teaching. In addition, she has conducted both projects and research on ways to infuse learning processing theory and engagement strategies in preparing health educators for higher education. Angelia has presented at a number of State, Regional and National conferences in modern language and teacher education. Her current area of focus is bringing 1:1 environments to teacher preparation.


Dr. Angelia Ridgway

Associate Professor & Director of Secondary Education School of Education

Rose Egan.  Spanish Teacher, Cathedral High School, Indianapolis indiana.